Universal Thin License Plate Mounted Backup Camera: Waterproof, Aim-able, Durable

Universal Thin License Plate Mounted Backup Camera: Waterproof, Aim-able, Durable

The LC-02 is a simple, durable and compact backup camera, with a minimal footprint, that installs easier and cleaner than other similar backup cameras. We tested a wide range of image sensors in head to head comparisons and ended up with the best image sensor possible, it seriously out-classes the best selling backup cameras on Amazon.

Custom spec connectors:

Tiny in comparison to RCA connectors. Our connectors are less than half the size of a standard backup camera video cable connector, so it can squeeze through very small openings with ease. So if you need to drill a hole to pass the wiring through your trunk you can us a very small bit in recessed area so the hole can be easily plugged and hidden if the camera is ever removed.

Hand-Picked Image/Video Sensor

We purchased and tested a long list of sensors that would fit into this camera housing and choose the best option we could find. The sensors we use come from a quality manufacturer and we guarantee authenticity and consistency of components in all of our cameras.

The Right Stuff

In our trial-and-error testing phase we found that most backup camera sellers don’t know that they are being sold knock-off products. Unscrupulous manufacturers will stuff nice looking cameras with the cheapest electronic ‘guts’ they can scrape together to try to pad their pockets. Don’t be a victim of this practice by proxy.Universal fitment: Simply remove the license plate screws and align the camera’s mounting holes, then secure the license plate screws and your done mounting. Clean, simple, quick do-it-yourself installation! Simple tilt adjustment to get perfect vertical adjustment.
Ultra small all-in-one connector for a tidy, fool-proof installation
16 feet of video cable for installation in trucks and vans. Distance Lines / Parking Lines built-in – Three-color (red/orange/green) grid lines help you judge distances and parking angles. Clip the green loop of wire to disable the parking lines if you prefer not seeing them overlaid.
We are located in Saint Paul Minnesota, NOT CHINA. Call us if you need help installing or operating any of our products. We offer 3-day shipping speed as standard and we promise to have your order shipped out within 24-hours of receiving your order.
Every camera passes through impact, burn-in and weathering tests before they are allowed to leave our production site. This camera truly passes ip67 test conditions, meaning it ca be submerged in water for 30-minutes without failing.

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